DA: Not so private
gemini yinyang mistiqarts

DA: not so private by *Mistiqarts on deviantART10$ Commission for :iconhysazu:
with a little scene from those sweetest first alone moments with
Alistair, sneaking into each others tents without others knowing, but
always being cautious to pass without being noticed by a patrolling
Qunari XD

suporting Kuroshitsuji characters cameos
gemini yinyang mistiqarts

Kuroshitsuji servant badges
by *Mistiqarts on deviantART
And here we have all you fawourite supporting characters in Kuroshitsuji seasons 1 and 2 :D Enjoy!

If someone is interested we can make real cameo badges and chokers with these as well

Here for the first time, hope I'll learn how this place works....
gemini yinyang mistiqarts
I'm not good with blogs but I came here to introduce all the things I'm doing with LJ comunity...
I'm hoping to show everyone my and my friends fashion line : www.mistiqarts.com
Also I hope people will aprove of my personal fanarts, manga projects, Dragon age and Kuroshitsuji fandoms^^
All my works are situated here so please take a look : www.mistiqarts.deviantart.com


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